Photocopier and MFD equipment leasing and rental arrangements

At Xpert Digital we provide flexible photocopier and MFD equipment leasing and rental arrangements, on terms from as little as 3 months to 60 months through the main Finance Companies in our industry: BNP Paribas, GE Capital, CF Asset Group and Xerox Finance. We also partner with many other Finance Companies/Finance Brokers, where we continually seek the very best value for our clients for their Equipment Finance needs.

Finance companies we work with

 paribas gecap cfgroup xerox

What is photocopier leasing?

Photocopier Leasing is the chosen method of businesses, being a tax efficient method of financing any potential new Capital equipment.

Key benefits of photocopier printer leasing

  • No Upfront Costs To Your Business
  • Cash-Flow Retention – Simply Pay As You Use
  • Regular Quarterly Payments
  • Enables Businesses To Benefit From Latest Technology Upgrades

The only possibility of the quarterly re-payments changing would be if the government increased the rate of VAT.

What happens at the end of the lease term?

An Xpert Digital Lease rental is just that… a rental agreement via a leading industry Finance Company. The equipment title remains with the Finance Company, meaning the equipment does not show on your company balance sheet, thus will not be a depreciating asset over a fixed period of time. Alternatively and “Uniquely” Xpert Digital, can simply pass on title at lease end for a minimal small fee.

XPERT equipment rental

Should your business require a more flexible arrangement, then our “Xpert Digital Flexible Rental Plan” provides clients an opportunity to hire the equipment, without a lease in place.

This option is particularly useful for new start businesses, or temporary locations and departments unsure of timescales.

XPERT ONEVOICE – One invoice for all

The XPERT ONEVOICE is a new solution unique to Xpert Digital, introduced to simply offer our clients exactly that – ONE INVOICE For Lease and Service Quarterly Payments. In recent market research surveys, we were informed that at least 75% of our businesses receive an invoice quarterly from a finance company for their lease, quarterly service charges for use-age etc – Our thought process on this, was why not offer a solution to simply have ONE INVOICE for everything, so clients know their outgoings from the off-set and can budget accordingly?