Print Audit

Print still remains one of the biggest ‘unseen’ costs in businesses today. A print audit allows you to understand which device is the most expensive to print to. An auditing solution enables a business to fully assess the existing printing set-up. Once a print audit has taken place, a print strategy can be developed, which can bring in a number of benefits.

A print audit allows a business to:

Identify Costs

This print audit tool aims to highlight the current spend per device. This information will allow you to identify any potential cost saving opportunities.

Minimise Environmental Impact

Printing impacts on the environment, whether that is the paper that is consumed or the ink. A print audit can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Control Resource

This is the main reason print audits are successful. It allows a business to control elements of the printing process.

Some of the printing elements that can be controlled are:

  • What’s being printed – from paper sizes to colour
  • Quantity of prints – how many copies are required
  • Which device is best – devices have preferred jobs where they are more economical than others
  • Peak print times – identify which print jobs take priority during busier working times or days
  • Identifying spend – see who is printing what to where within the working environment

A print audit allows a business to regain control. This is achieved by understanding what the present print situation is. A print audit can then work through a number of solutions for you.

These solutions are tailored to each business, whether it is reducing costs or improving output.

Book a Print Audit with us now and find out where your print costs lie.

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