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How much do you spend on printing?

With a free Xpert Print Audit you get a professional detailed report of your actual costs associated with your office printing, we analyse & identify the businesses current expenditure on printing and recommend the best way to minimise costs. We will provide you with a report highlighting every area that we can start reducing costs, with the implementation of hardware & software that we offer.

We find that many organisations throughout the UK are unaware that they do not have an effective Print Management Solution in place, which leads to huge amounts of resources and money being wasted where they are very rarely properly accounted for. Xpert can clearly demonstrate to you exactly what you’re costs are, where the money is being wasted and how you can use an effective Print Management Solution to both maximise efficiency and minimise your spending.

Contact us by filling out the form on this page and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch, to book in a time that best suits you for us to come in and install our Free Office Print Audit Software which will monitor all of your print processes. Our specialist software will capture all the relevant data and generate your detailed report, with zero interference to your I.T. Infrastructure – then we can show you exactly how you can smartly reduce your costs and improve efficiency, it really is that simple!


As a niche Recruitment Firm our organisations needs, are to always look at ways to enhance current business processes and reduce costs. We contacted Xpert and requested an Free Print Audit to help us understand our print and copy volumes, costs and waste, the results were shocking I must say. After a few meetings where we were fully explained the details of our report and where things were going wrong, reviewed an in depth proposal from one of their Sales Managers, were shown both the cost savings and logical efficiency areas we awarded Xpert the Managed Print Solution contract. Xpert now provide us with remote monitoring, onsite and technical support and full consumable management for the new fleet of equipment to which we have been very impressed with all round and would highly recommend Xpert Digital’s services.

redcatClive Wilson, I.T. Procurement Manager


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